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Do you still use the traditional cigarettes? Are you even aware about the problems that can occur with the smoking of these cigarettes? It can lead to heart and lungs problem along with diseases like cancer, tumor etc. If you have already tried but find it almost impossible to give up smoking, then it is suggested to opt for e-cigarettes. These are electronic cigarettes that do not contain any tobacco. They are not considered as the real cigarettes as they are not filled with tobacco and do lead to any critical diseases. An e-cig set consists of battery, atomizer, liquid nicotine and a charger.

EGO batteries are quite popular for e–cigs. Usually, these cigarettes consist of three parts and the battery being one of them. These batteries are quite fashionable and are available in different types like 900mAh, 650mAh, 1100mAh. These batteries can be easily charged and also last long. A fully charged battery is equals to almost 50 cigarettes. This is a stylish looking battery and available in a number of colors. The vapor on an average can last for around 2 days.

These batteries can be purchased separately or along with the e-cig kit. Usually, the cost of these batteries is high when purchased from the offline stores, but if you place an order directly with the manufacturer over the online, then you can avail then at cheap prices. E-cigarettes have become widely popular in the market and even non-smokers can use them as they do not lead to addiction. Nowadays, many people are switching on to e-cigs from the traditional harmful cigarettes.  For more information  e-cigarette atomizers.


There could be no denying to this fact that an e cig carrying case is an efficient and stylish component that not only facilitate users with sufficient storage facility but also ensures the safety of the device. It allows users to charge their cigarette battery anytime even while on the move. At present, there is a wide range of these cases available in the market and grabbing huge attention of the smokers. Different varieties in color and finishes are attracting a number of users these days. User can purchase a pink color e-cig carrying case with a fake leather finish which is huge in demand these days. This carrying case is also available with a metal snap.

Similarly, you can also choose from a range of options like black, purple and many other colors with great ease. You can go with any color as per your choice and interest because these are easily available in the market in different varieties of colors as well as finishes. If you purchase a high quality e cig carrying case then it will not only look stylish but also enable you to enjoy a great smoking experience. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy smoking with e cigarettes and carry it in a stylish way with the support of a carrying case.

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