Ego-T is a new innovation in the field of smoking for those people who are addicted to cigarettes. This is an electronic cigarette which is composed of a tank cartridge, a customizer and electric batteries. Ego-T is a boon for the customers as it lets the user feel the same experience of smoking but reducing its harmful effects.

There are different brands of electronic cigarettes that are available in the market and compared to those Ego-T is is one of the best because of its fashionable appearance and wide outlook. It is available in various flavors and the models are very elegant in looking. There is a control panel to control the amount of nicotine that you want to intake.

Ego-T runs generally on a 650 mAh electric battery which lasts for a long period of time once it is recharged, so it is much more convenient for the user as you need not to recharge every now and then. There is a specific light installed in the device which signifies that you need to charge the device when the light glows.

There are cartridges installed inside different brands of Ego-T which produce the vapors and hit the throats, there is also a provision or system of refilling the cartridges. One filled cartridge is enough for whole day is capable of storing around 2.5 ml to 1.1 ml of fluid into it. These electronic cigarettes provide immense pleasure ensuring the satisfaction of the customers and importantly you can switch it off when the device is not in use. Altogether making it a cherish able device.


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