Just like the CE series tanks, CE5+ clearomizers also have a typical shape. These clearomizers include metal tubes and they resemble to the cartomizers. This is a small tube and includes 4 holes that help in the passing of the liquid as well as soaking the wick in it. These clearomizers are similar to the CE series and consist of an in-screw type which covers the drip tips. On the exterior portion of the tanks markings are made from .2 to 1.6 ml. CE5+ clearomizers also have a similar design like the other regular clearomizers available in the market. Generally, the wicks used in clearomizers are available outside, whereas in CE5+clearomizers the wicks are present within the tubes located centrally. In fact, the wicks which route to the coil are present inside. These clearomizers are stylish and highly durable. It means that they will not crack or acquire dents if fallen from hands.

These clearomizers can be used easily without the need of much maintenance. They are easy to refill as well as work well at low voltage. At 4.5 V they can provide you with heavy vapor quantity. CE5+ clearomizers are available in different voltage and you can simply choose the one with 2.5ohm to enjoy outstanding smoking experience. These are available at the online stores and you can order one from there directly for doorstep delivery. Through online purchase you can even enjoy high discounts. The demand of e-cigs is now at the top because of the benefits they offer the smokers.


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