Protank clearomizers are widely preferred by people nowadays. These clearomizers do not require the use of adapter, which is the main reason why they have become a favorite choice of so many people. The latest Protank version includes a stronger base and can be fitted easily with a Drip tip of 510. The tank is replaceable as well as the other parts. Usually, refilling the clearomizers is quite easily but in order to ensure that they last long you need to take care of certain points.

Protank clearomizers come with metal tubes at the central position, which leads to the end of the battery from the mouthpiece. When you refill the e-liquid it is suggested that you do it carefully, so that it does not get into this tube. At the time of unfastening the head of the atomizer in order to fill up the clearomizers with the e-liquid, the seals are broken temporarily, which will lead the liquid to leak or escape into the tube positioned in the center from the mouthpiece. So, ensure that you wrap a tissue or cloth around the area of the mouthpiece at the time of unfastening the clearomizers base.

Always keep the clearomizers tank full with the e-liquid, if it is not possible still make sure that at no time the tank contains below 1/3 portion of the full capacity. This will avoid leakage as well as maintains the vacuum position.You can purchase these clearomizers easily from the online websites. For more information e-cigarette atomizers.


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