The entire market is bustling with lots of high quality proclaiming them as the cheapest electronic cigarette brand. But do they really get to give you that they promised? The 99.99 answer is no. The main reason is that the costs of producing these e cigarettes are very high if they intend to make them of really great quality. Due to very competitive market they make the entire production at very low price. So, why to get the e cigarettes from them?

Now, let us discus about some of the other factor that make your e cigarettes costlier even if the quality is very cheap. The main reason is the “middle man” behind the scene. Most of us might be thinking that there is one producer or the manufacturer and the seller or the retailer but this not the scene as we have been thinking. There much more to it.

Okay let me tell you that I’m explaining this to us but you can get certain examples if can Google some of the “Channel Distribution System” for producer to consumer. It’s better to know. Now, move to the topic the thing is that there are mainly four slabs while a product comes to your way. They are the producers, the wholesaler, the retailer and finally the consumers.

Now, every slab that is the distribution chain wants to make profit and that is the reason why they are in the business. Finally, when the product reaches the consumer in the end the product becomes very costly even though the quality may be cheap. So, here in the case of e cigarettes the thing is same. So why to buy from retailer? You can get this from the wholesaler. Electronic cigarette wholesale USA is the best in such business they cut the bottom line from the distribution chart. They are the retailers. You can get such items of very high quality with very low price.For more information Electronic Cigars.

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